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Let us get you to market faster...and faster to SOLD.

Verify occupancy status


Within 24 hours of notification of a new assignment, the property is inspected to confirm if it is vacant or occupied.

If Occupied...

If occupied, we make every effort to have a face-to-face interview with the occupants to determine who is living in the property.  Should no one be available, we post a note at the property address informing the occupants that Hilbert Nation Realty represents the owner and  to contact us at once.

Secure vacant properties

If the property is vacant:
  • The property is re-keyed and secured immediately. 

  • "No Trespassing" signs are posted.

  • Utility companies are contacted.

  • Preliminary title work is ordered

  • Bids for property trash out and clean up are submitted along with digital pictures.

Property clean-up

Hilbert Nation Realty wants  the property in marketable condition immediately.  To achieve that end, we provide the following services.

Clean-up vendors

Hilbert Nation Realty conducts quick Clean-up and Trash-out.  Our vendors are always  available.  If one is not available, we contact the next one on our roster.  Within 24 hours of receipt of the assignment, Clean-Up and Trash-Out bids are solicited.

Interior Cleaning

Initial interior cleaning includes: removal of debris and discarded personal items; "Broom Sweep" of all floors and hard surfaces; vacuum and mopping of floors; cleaning of cabinets, fixtures and appliances.

Exterior cleaning

Initial exterior cleaning includes: removal of debris and trash from yard; cleaning of gutters; removal of leaf build-up on roofs; cut, trim and rake lawn; trim hedges, bushes and small trees; sweep and wash porches, patios and decks; and boarding of broken or missing windows if necessary.

Ongoing care

Hilbert Nation Realty will make arrangements for lawn maintenance, snow removal, board-ups, necessary winterization and interior cleaning, until the property is SOLD.

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